Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canada Saves?

Canada Saves is a place for all Canadians to save money on electronics, groceries, and every day items. We also teach Canadians how to save.

How do I get instant updates/notifications of the deals you post?

You can like and follow our Facebook Page.  We’ll also soon be adding email lists.

Am I allowed to post deals on your Facebook Group/Page?

Yes, you can absolutely post great deals on our Facebook Group/Page. The deals must be available to Canadians and not have already been posted.

Am I allowed to post deals on your website?

In order to post deals on our website, you’ll have to apply and be approved as a Deal Addict. This is to ensure that only the best deals are posted and that we have Deal Addicts available throughout the day.

How do I become a Deal Addict?

Great question! You can apply to become a Deal Addict by e-mailing us from our Contact page.

I’m an approved Deal Addict! How do I add Deals?

You can view the how-to by clicking here!

Do you make money from the website?

We do not currently net any profit from the website. We won’t make a profit for quite some time as the hosting, domain, and time and effort costs quite a bit.

Can I make money from your site?

Yes you can! Deal Addicts are able to make money by providing us with great deals on sites we are affiliated with. If the affiliated deal is purchased with our affiliate link, you WILL receive a percentage of the overall total for that deal.

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